I’m guessing this is the same Mecha Modelers bathhouse that has been posted before, if it’s not, then I’m intrigued…
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I just wanted to update regarding the Studio Ghibli not making films post:

Hayao Miyazaki has already retired, but he is currently creating a hand-painted manga. Ghibli is coming out with a new film, but there have been rumours that they will make no more after that one. Apparently the co-founder has also stepped down.

Please take note! This is currently JUST A RUMOR. The author of that article on Kotaku is not the best author, nor is he a super well-liked author, and because of this I don’t think we should flip out just yet. Lol.

Also! No other news site has this article or is saying that they won’t make films anymore. That being said, I think this rumour is just that…a big rumour that we should definitely take with a grain of salt.


This really needs to be a rumour or I will rage D:

If they stop making movies all I’ll have to look forward to is Miyazaki’s hand-painted manga…

This is really fantastic! This guy&#8217;s style is really unique &amp; lovely :)
Spirited Away Storyboards  →  Spirit Street Day/Dusk/NightSpirited Away Storyboards  →  Spirit Street Day/Dusk/NightSpirited Away Storyboards  →  Spirit Street Day/Dusk/Night

One of the Ootori-Sama, the bird spirits from Spirited Away. I just love how their design is so simple and yet so uniquely cute and funny.
Panoramic series  →  Spirited Away